Honours 3rd Year Form Fill Up 2024

National University Honours 3rd Year Form Fill Up 2024 online application will start on 02 January 2024. This form fill up online activities and ends on 15 February 2024 (Extended Time).

This is the notice to fill out the form for regular, irregular and improvement exam of Honors third-year exam (Session: 2022). In this notice, we will discuss details about form filling.

How to fill the Honors third year exam form online? How much is the application fee for form fill and how to submit? All these issues will discuss here who can participate in the exam. Let’s start.

Honours 3rd Year Exam 2024

National University Honours 3rd Year Form Fill Up 2024 Notice already published on 21 December 2023. Application for form fill will start from January 2, 2024.

The online form fill up process will continue till 15 February 2024 (Extended Time). National University will release the Honors Third Year Exam Routine 2024 after the completion of the form-fill process.

As soon as the routine is release, it will known when the honors 3rd year exam 2024 will start. However, the Honors 3rd year exam of 2024 may be held at the end of February.

All related updates and information about exam form filling will be found in this post. Let’s start with a detailed discussion about the honors third year exam form fill.

Date of Honours Third Year Exam Form Fill Up 2024

In this part we want to share some important information about National University Honors Third Year Examination Regular, Irregular and Improvement Examination and Examination Form fill. Let’s see at the beginning what important information is there in this part.

  • Exam Name: Honours 3rd Year Exam 2024
  • Form Fill-Up Start: 02 January 2024
  • Deadline: 15 February 2024 (New)
  • Data Entry verification: 18 February 2024 (New)
  • Pay Fee by Sonali Seba: 04 February to 19 February 2024 (New)

Although the entire subject is mentioned in the notice, we have tried to highlight the important points in this section. After this, you will get various information regarding form fill notice and form fill application in the post.

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National University has extended the online application time for filling out the Honors Third Year Examination form. A notice has also been published to extend the date of application form filling of Honors third year examination 2024 and other dates. Let’s take a look at the notice.

Form Fill Up Time Extend Notice

According to the newly published notice, the last date for filling the Honors third-year examination form is 15th February 2024 till Friday.

Besides, the last date for data entry and verification is 18 February 2024 till 11:59 pm. Besides, the last date for depositing money through Sonali Seba is 19 February 2024.

Honours 3rd Year Form Fill Up Notice 2024

The notice that you can see here is related to form filling which was previously published by the National University. Later National University has published another notice regarding extension of application time of form fill up which has been shared above.

Honours 3rd Year Form Fill Up 2024
Honours third Year Form Fill Up 2024
nu honours exam 2024

The National University Exam Authority has mentioned the form fill application time and application deadline in the notice. According to the published notice, Anas third year exam form filling will end on 31st January 2024. Besides, the last date for depositing money is 5 February 2024 at 4 pm.

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Besides, the notice shows how a student can apply for a fill-up form online. The amount of fee for filling the exam form and how to submit it is also mentioned in the notice.

We will discuss each part step by step in this post so that any student can see this post and complete the online form-filling process by himself.

Besides, if any student wants to download the notice published above and keep it on the mobile phone, then that can also be done from our website. We are giving the full notice of Honors third year exam form fill up with the download link.

By clicking on this link above, you can easily download the Honors 3rd year examination form fill up notice 2024.

Besides, we are going to share many important information regarding form filling and examination in this post. So read the entire post carefully, you will benefit from it and can gather many important information related to your exam from here.

How to complete Honours Third Year Form Fill Up Online?

To participate in the 2024 Honors 3rd year examination, you must complete the online form fill program. In this section, I will discuss in detail how an honors third year student can complete his form fill online.

Honours form fill up Website

From which website to apply form fillup online? How to apply and how much money to deposit at the time of application?

You have to follow some rules to complete online Honors 3rd year exam form fill process. Following are the rules to complete the Honours 3rd Year Form Fill Up 2024 process.

  • Visit NU form fill-up website (http://ems.nu.ac.bd/student-login)
  • Type your registration number
  • Now, select the subject code (including practical).
  • After that, Download the application
  • You have to download and print of your application form.
  • After that, it should be submitted to the concerned department head along with the prescribed fee

First, you have to enter the above shared website and type your registration number. If you type the registration number and click on the login button, you will see the dashboard. On the left side of the dashboard you will see the form fill menu.

How to complete Honours Third Year Form Fill Up

After clicking on the form fill, the subject lists will appear in front of you. From there you have to select the specific subject code. After selecting the subject correctly, you have to download it.

bachelor degree form fill up

The application form along with the mentioned application fee should be submitted to the college authority. In this way you have to complete the online process of Honours 3rd Year Form Fill Up 2024.

Special Note: Before printing the form and submitting it to the college, it must be checked whether it is correct and signed. University authorities will not be responsible for wrongly selecting the subject code or filling in any kind of mistake in this case.

Honours Form Fill Up Online: ems.nu.ac.bd

The National University has launched a new official website from where students will complete the form filling process. The name of the website is: ems.nu.ac.bd. Through this website students have to complete the Honors third year exam form fill program.

Another thing to note is that those whose registration numbers do not match or are wrong must contact the National University before the scheduled time to resolve the complications related to the registration number.

No student will be allowed to participate in the form filling process after the deadline. Therefore, those who have problems or complications related to the registration card must fix it before the scheduled time and complete the form fill up process.

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Third Year Honours Form Fill Up Application Fees

In the published notice, the National University has mentioned the fees for filling up the form of Honors third-year examination.

The notice describes how much application fee a student will have to pay if students participates in the form fill. In this part of this post we will give an idea about the complete fee of form fill for the convenience of students.

This part will describe all the topics including how much money is the application fee of the candidate’s form fill, how much money is the theory fee for each subject etc. Let’s take a look at the details below.

Theoretical (Per Subject)250 Taka.
Theoretical (Per 1/2 Subject)200 Taka.
Practical (Per Subject)250 Taka.
Improvement Exam Fee (Per Student)300 Taka.
Exam Center Fee450 Taka.
Exam Center Fee (Practica)120 Taka.
Special inclusion fee300 Taka.
Students who have obtained F Grade in the academic year 2013-14 & 2014-155000 Taka.
Students of C Promoted1000 Taka.

However, these fees may vary depending on your college. There may be a difference between the fees you see in your application form and the fees fixed by your college while filling out the form.

The college authorities will prepare another new list according to their convenience and inform you about it. Therefore, you must contact the college and get informed about the fee while applying for the form fillup.

How to Pay Form Fill Up Fee?

At this stage, we will discuss how honors 3rd-year candidates will submit the 2024 form fill fee. We will discuss this topic from beginning to end at this stage.

The fees of all candidates of Honours 3rd-year examination of 2024 will be submitted by the college authority through Sonali service on the designated website. In this case, the college will download the pay slip from the website.

The total sum of money will be written in the pay slip mentioning the savings account number in the respective sector take the print copy and submit it to any branch of the nearest Sonali Bank and collect the deposit receipt within the last date.

In this way, the college authorities will submit the form fill up fee of the students through Sonali Seba and enter it through the designated website.

Conditions of Participation in Honors 3rd Year Exam 2024

In the published notice, some conditions have been given for participation in National University Honors Third Year Examination 2024. Students must follow all these conditions to participate in the exam.

Students must follow these conditions to participate in the exam. Those students who do not fall under the published and specified conditions will not be able to participate in the Honors Second Year Examination to be held in 2024.

So let’s first of all see the conditions to take part in Honors third-year exam in 2024.

Conditions For Regular Students

  • According to the syllabus and revised regulations from the academic year 2013-14 only regular students in the academic year 2019-2020
  • Those who have been promoted in 2021 Honors 2nd year examination or got a promotion to third year after passing
  • Completed third-year course
  • All these students will participate in the third-year examination as regular examinees

Conditions For Irregular Students

  • According to the syllabus and revised regulations from 2013-2014 academic year
  • All those students who are in session 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-18 and 2018-19
  • Previously promoted in Honors second-year examination or got promotion to third year after passing
  • Those who did not participate in the third year examination of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • or those students who have not participated and passed will participate in the examination as irregular

Improvement Exam Student’s Conditions

  • According to the syllabus and regulations effective from 2013 2014 academic year by National University
  • Students who appeared in the Honors Third Year Examination for the academic years 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19
  • Passed/promoted to 4th year by appearing in 3rd year examination but having F grade one or more subject
  • Or missing in any subject
  • Also in the 2021 Honors Third Year Exam a student has obtained one or two C or D grades
  • All those courses will be able to participate in the 2022 Honors third-year examination as an improvement candidate

Special Note: However, in this case, a student can take the grade improvement test in maximum two courses. If a student fails to improve the grade or does not participate in the examination, his/her previous grade for that course will stand.

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Special Permission for 2013-14, 2014-15 Students

In the 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years, students who have obtained multiple A grades will have the opportunity to fill the 2022 honors third year examination form by paying a total fee of 5000 taka.

In this case, there will be no need to renew the registration. Any candidate who fails to fill out the form will be deemed to have failed to participate in the exam.

If participating in the exam is unsuccessful or fails to participate in the exam, then under no circumstances will you get a chance to participate in the exam.

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When Publish Honours 3rd Year Exam Routine 2024?

Since the form filling has started, students will ask this question from now on, when will the honors third year exam routine be published? In this part of this post we will discuss with you the release of Honors third year exam routine.

National University Honors 3rd year examination program will end on February 5, 2024 at 4 pm. National University routines are usually publish within 7 to 15 days after the completion of the form fill process.

But in this case, if the time for filling the form is not increased, then the Honors second year examination routine may be published in the middle of February 2024 or at the end of February.

But whenever the Honors 3rd year exam routine is release we will share it on our website immediately. Students will get regular updates of Honors third year exam from our website.

However, students are requested to visit our website regularly. And at the same time it was requested to take exam preparation without waiting for the publication of the routine.

Recent Honours Form Fill Up Notice

At this stage, we will share with you the notices related to the filling of the honors examination form published by the National University. In this part you will get exam form filling and exam related notice.

Also, visit the latest exam notice menu on our website to get the latest exam notices of National University. Besides, you can download our Android app (NUBD24 App) on your mobile phone to get the latest updates.


The National University Honors 3rd Year Form Fill Up 2024 program has already started from 2nd January 2024. Students must complete the form-filling process by 15 February 2024 (Extended Time). After applying online, the form-fili up process has to be completed by visiting the college by depositing the prescribed fee. Thank you so much for staying with us and reading this post.

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