NU College Transfer 2024

NU College Transfer 2024 related news was published on the National University website. The National University had earlier published several notices about college transfers on its website. However, in the notification published in recent times, there have been many updates about the college transfer of the national university.

We will discuss in detail here today the National University College change/transfer. We will also discuss how to transfer to college, how much it costs to transfer to college, what are the conditions, and everything. So let’s not delay, let’s discuss the new conditions that have come according to the latest update about the change of college.

NU College Transfer 2024

The National University published a notice this week on their website about the college change/transfer. There are several new conditions in that notice that all conditions must be met from now on if you want to change colleges. So let’s see what new updates have come about the college change without delay.

NU College Transfer 2022

In the published notification, the National University has discussed a number of conditions that must be met in order for a student to change colleges. Below we will discuss in more detail what conditions you need to meet if you want to move or change from one college to another under National University.

Conditions for NU College Transfer 2024

If a student wants to move from one college to another then student has to accept some conditions which we will discuss here. Here we will show you what conditions you have to go from one college to another.

  • The student must take the first-year exam and will need a copy of the result of that year at the time of change of college.
  • If a student goes to a government college then students can be transferred from a government to a private college. And from private to private transfer but not from all private to a government college.
  • If the guardian of a student is employed, then if he is transferred from one district to another, that student can apply for TC.
  • If the girl student is newly married, she can come and see the specific certificate and apply for the college transfer.
  • In case of the death of the guardian of a student, a copy of the Great Certificate or a certificate from the Chairman should be submitted.
  • If there is a college near the student, he can apply for a transfer to that college.
  • When student is disabled, students can apply for college transfer by submitting the certificate issued by the Department of Social Welfare.

Any student who falls under these conditions, can apply for a college transfer by submitting certain documents. A student can apply for a college transfer only once and must participate in the first year examination.

NU College Transfer Application Process

We will discuss in detail here how you can transfer to a National University College. That means what rules you have to follow or what process you have to follow for college transfer. If you want to transfer from one college to another while studying at the National University, you need to follow the rules given below.

  • Firstly, log in to your NU student account
  • Then, Click Academic Services Left Side Menu Bar
  • After that click Transfer Application Menu
  • You are now on the Transfer Application page
  • Select your Target College Name where you want to Transfer
  • Upload the Required Documents (As per needed)
  • Must write the Transfer Reason in the reason box
  • Then Click Proceed
  • After That Download Pay Slip

In this way, you have to download the payslip and go to Sonali Bank and pay the prescribed college transfer fee. Once the fee is paid, you will be notified within seven days whether your college transfer application has been accepted.

College Transfer Documents Required

At the time of change of college, a student must submit some necessary documents to the authority. If the authority of the National University is satisfied after checking and sorting all these documents. You will get an SMS, about whether you are able to transfer to the college within seven days or not. So now we will see what documents will need in case of college transfer.

  • Your College TC Form
  • First Year Exam Admit Card
  • Exam Registration Card
  • First-year Online Result Copy
  • Passport Size photograph (1-2 copies)
  • Certificate of Chairman or Councilor
  • Parental consent letter
  • Parent National ID card/ Voter ID Card
  • Job Holder Guardian Joining letter, Employee ID
  • Marriage Certificate (Married Girls)
  • Copy of roll number sheet of SSC and HSC exam

You may have to submit all the above-mentioned documents when you want to change college under National University. However, depending on the situation, all these documents may decrease or increase.

National University College Transfer/Change Fee

If you want to change college or transfer to college under National University, you have to pay a certain amount for free. We will now talk in detail about how much you have to pay to transfer to National University College.

You have to pay 146 taka with Sonali Bank Sona Seba Chalan. You can pay college transfers from NU from any branch of Sonali Bank. This is basically the fee for a college transfer application.

NU College Transfer 2022

The picture you can see above is of Sonali Bank’s payslip through which you have to pay the college transfer fee. After that when your application is verified by the college authority and when they approve it, you have to deposit another 1000 Taka.

NU College Change Application Status Check

After applying for a college transfer you will have to wait seven days for the documents and your application to be verified. During this time you can check the status of your college transfer application by logging in to the student portal. Below is how to check the status of the college transfer application.

Firstly, you need to visit this website (NU Student Portal) and log in with your student ID and password. Then from the menu box on the left, you need to click on the Academic Service Request List menu. Where you will see the National University College Transfer Application Status.

College Change Application Status

This means that you have submitted all the documents for the college transfer application. Whether it is in processing, pending, or rejected, you can find out from here in a very nice way.

When Publish NU College Transfer Result?

You will be notified within 7 days whether your application for National University College Change will be approved. The National University Authority will notify you via SMS within 7 days whether you have accepted the application.

That is, whether the application for college transfer has been approved or whether you can transfer to college. You will be notified via SMS after verifying the college authority document. You can also log in to the student portal with your username and password to see the status of the application you made.

NU College Transfer TC Application Form 2024

The TC application form of National University College Change is contained on their website long ago. National University has published TC Application Form separately for Honors and Degree Pass Course students on their website.

The application form is nicely showing what you have to write there or what is in the form. Let’s not look at the TC application forms for that national university college transfer.

Honours TC Application Form

If an Honors student of a National University wants to transfer to college, students has to fill out and submit the TC application form. Below is a sample copy of the TC Application Form for Honors students.

Honours TC Application Form

Degree Pass Course TC Application Form

Here we will also highlight the different TC application form for degree pass course students for your convenience. Below we are sharing the degree pass course students need to fill the TC application form and apply for TC.

Degree Pass Course TC Application Form

You can easily download these application forms if you have our NUBD24 app installed. Then you can easily download these two applications separately from your mobile phone by clicking on the download button below.

Click to download the NU College Transfer Form (PDF)

NU College Transfer (FAQ)

Now we will know some important questions about college transfer to National University and its answers. Because most of the time students ask us such questions about college transfer.

What is NU College Transfer?

National University College Transfer is a process by which you are transferred from one college to another to study. In this case, you have to abide by some conditions and accordingly, you have to submit the certificate and document

How to Transfer from one college to another in National University?

You will need to submit the application for transfer from one college to another by submitting the required documents subject to certain conditions. If the college authorities and the NU authorities see and approve it, you can be transferred from one college to another.

How many times can I transfer to college?

You can transfer from one college to another under National University at most once. And in that case, you have to apply subject to certain conditions and submission of necessary documents.

When can a college be transferred to a national university?

You will only be able to transfer to a national university after completing your first year. And a student can be transferred from one college to another at most once under the National University.

Conclusion: National University College Transfer is a process through which you can easily transfer from one college to another. However, in that case, you must abide by certain conditions and submit the required documents along with the authority. If you have read the entire post then you can easily apply for NU College Transfer 2024. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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