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NU Syllabus for Music Course & Others

nu honours music syllabus

Welcome to the page NU Syllabus for Music Course by nubd24.com. Here you will get the National University U Syllabus for Music Course & Others. The students of the Music of the National University of Bangladesh find their syllabus here. Students also will get U Syllabus.


There are some of the courses Syllabus in here you will get such as B. Music Honours Nazrul Song, B.A. (Honours) in Music (Tabla) Course, B.A. (Honours) in Music (Classical Song) Course, Syllabus For B.A. (Honours) in Music (Folk Song) Course, Syllabus For B.A. (Honours) in Music (Tagore Song) Course.

So which course syllabus you want to see or download please click the subject name, then you will able to see your subject syllabus and also able to download that syllabus.

Click your desire course name for watching the course syllabus


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