NU Honours 2nd Year English Suggestion 2022

In this post, we will share with you Honours 2nd Year English Suggestion 2022. This is an unofficial suggestion. I think from this suggestion you will find a lot in common in your exam. Because from the places where we have collected suggestions, every year there are many common ones in the exam.

National University Honors Second Year Examination has started. English exam will be held in a few days. So at this time students are looking for suggestions to study. For that, we shared with me a suggestion of how to do it for the English exam. Let’s take a look at the Honours 2nd Year English Suggestion 2022.

Honours 2nd Year English Exam 2022

  • Exam name: English
  • Subject Code: 221109
  • Exam Start: 29 January, 2022
  • English Exam Date: 29 January, 2022
  • Ending: 15 march, 2022
  • Time: Every day 9 pm
  • Exam Code: 2202

Honours 2nd Year English Suggestion 2022

The Honors Second Year English Exam will be held on February 2, 2022. So the suggestions of English subject of Honors second year are given below.

Comprehension Test

Honours 2nd Year English Suggestion 2022

Correction of common Error 

  • The cost of the books are high 
  • I congratulated him for his grand success
  • He is living Dhaka since 2015 
  • she is junior than I
  • He walks lest he misses the train 
  • He saw a bad dream
  • Stop to talk in the clasa
  • john has gone to singapore the day before yesterday.
  • The mother wants the boy to punish.
  • the girl knows to drive a car 
  • I met two  females 
  • He resigned forn the post 
  • she is wiser than i think 
  • You drank a hot cup tea
  • No less than five boys were present 
  • shuddho walked fastly to the sation 
  • Do you know when will he come.
  • You had bettrr left the place now 
  • He could not help go there when he heard the news
  • Two third of the student was present.
  • The student absented form the school
  • Hasan told me a liar 
  • Then years are a long time 
  • Fo You Know what is his nane
  • sorry i could not justify you 
  • He prevented me to go there
  • cut the sentence of your paragraph 
  • He is my cousin  brother 
  • He insisted me to go there 
  • The roads of dhaka are better than Rajshahi 
  • The principal and chairman are present here today
  • one should know his follies.
  • I cannot help a laugh 
  • Had you told me  before. I brought a taxu for you 
  • Ria prefers to sing thab dance 
NU Honours suggestion


  • Writw a Slogan to cradicate illiteracy form the countey.
  • A Slogan on Arsenic pollution 
  • Writw a Slogans against Child labour
  • Writw a Slogans against acid-throwing on women


  • Write a memo in which the manager of a firm requests his subordinates to attend a reception meeting of one the member of the staff.
  • Think uourself the manager Director of a company nan now. wtite a memo to the employess to be sincere and serious in their duties.
  • Wtie a memo aa a manager of a firm to the employess to attend an urgent meeting.
  • wtite a memo in which the manager of a firm requests his subordinates to attend a farewell meeting of one of the mebbers of the staff.

Advertisement Writing

  • Write an advertisement with necessary details to buy a vacant polt for head office. warehouse and shipment processing center
  • Suppose you are a public relation officer of a travel and tours Organisation. Now a write an advertisement in the dailes highlighting  the facilities of the organisation.
  • Suppose you are going to sell write an advertisement for a daily.
  • Supposec you are nanager of a land develiping company and advertisement for the news paper offering the sale of flats.
Honours second year English Suggestion
national university english suggestion

Eassy Writting

  • Child Labour 
  • Computer in service
  • Digital Bangladesh 
  • Female Education
  • Freedomb of press
  • Cricket in Bangladesh 
  • Globalisation 
  • Internet 
  • The Rivers of Bangladesh 
  • Fruites of bangladesh  nu 15 
NU English Suggestion 2022

Honours Englisg Suggestion video

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Conclusion: Since this is an unofficial suggestion, so not giving it 100% importance. Besides that take the suggestion from your teacher and from your classmate. Have a nice day.

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