NU Honours Exam English Suggestions 2019

NU Honours Exam English Suggestions 2019 is a National university unofficial suggestion publish by  Bangladeshi most popular National University education portal NUBD24. This suggestion is for the student of honours students who will give Honours English exam 2019. This NU Honours Exam Suggestion is not made by any national university authority. So we do not make any guarantees about whether or not to common to your exam.

National University Unofficial Suggestions

বিঃদ্রঃ এই সাজেশন জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের কোন অথরিটি দ্বারা তৈরি নয়। সুতরাং এই সাজেশন কমন পরা বা না পরার বিষয়ে আমরা কোন নিশ্চয়তা দেই না।

NU Honours Exam English Suggestions 2019


#Passages :
1. “Digital Bangladesh ….and transparency. 99%
2. Tagore says, “Education is ….on earth. 99%
3. According to Aristotle ….or both. 99%
4. Good Manners …..of the term. 99%
5. Cultural shock can be ….and society. 99%
6. A freedom fighter is ….the world. 99%
7. Music can be …music are analogous. 99%
8. Liberty does not ….this great purpose. 98%
9. Climate change is ….our achievements. 98%
10. Today women are ….women brings. 98%

#Grammar_Part :

  1. Changing_Word :
  2. Suitable_Word :
  3. Correct_Sentence :
  4. Right_From_Of_Verbs :
  5. Articles :
  6. Anonymous_And_Synonyms :
  7. Suffix_And_Prefix :
  8. WH – Question :
  9. Re-Arrange :
  10. Punctuation :
  11. Translation :

1. Paragraph_Writing :
i) Food Adulteration
ii) A Street Accident
iii) Price Hike
iv) A Book Fair 99%
v) A winter Morning 99%
vi) Air Pollution 99%

2. Report_Writing :
Write a report for the newspaper on…..
i) Drug Addiction. 99%
ii) anti corruption. 99%
iii) Abuse of Mobile Phone 99%
iv) Loads shedding . 99%
v) Traffic Jam. 98%
vi) Price Hike. 98%
vii) Recently Flood. 97%

3. Letter_Writing :
Write a letter to your ….
i) about the bad effects of smoking and advising him not to smoke. 99%
ii) advising him to read newspaper regularly. %
iii) About your visit to Kuakata. 99%
iv) Friend whose father has recently died. 99%
v) Return the book the borrowed from you. 99%

4. Application_Writing :
Write an application to the Principal of your college for ….
i) Setting up an English debating club/Computer club/Common rooms.
ii) increasing facilities in the common room/canten/increasing library facilities 99%
iii) using multimedia in the class room/arranging sound systems for the classrooms. 99%
iv) to set up Wi -Fi /Internet in the campus.
v) Permission to go on a study tour or picnic / Permission to stage a drama in the auditorium. 98%
vi) for a seat in the college hostel. 99%

5. Essay_Writing :
i) Tree Plantation
ii) Digital Bangladesh
iii) Birds/Fruits of Bangladesh
iv) Value Of Time 99%
v) Employment of Women in Bangladesh 99%
vi) Journey By bus/Train. 99%

7. #Job_Application :
Write a application …
I) with a resume/Bio-Data. for the post of “Sales Manager ”
ii) the post of a computer operator. 99%
iii) the post of a Lecture. 99%
iv) the post of marketing officer. 98%
v) the post of a junior officer Assistant. 99%

8. Dialogue_Writing :
Write a dialogue between two friends ……
i) about their choice of future career or plan.
ii) about the necessity of learning English.
iii) about their preparation for the coming examination. 99%
iv) On Climate change / Globalization. 97%.
v) about Tree Plantation
vi) About Child Labour 99%

9. #Poster_Writing :
Write a Poster ……
i) awareness against corruption.
ii) awareness against dug addiction
iii) awareness about the safety life in roads. 99%
iv) awareness about food adulteration. 99%
v) awareness about important water 99%

10. Notice_Writing :
i) against the use of mobile phones in the classroom. 99%
ii) The Independence Day is going to observed in your college. 99%
iii) distribute relief goods among flood affected people. 99%
iv) You want to hold a test exam. for the degree (Pass) 3rd year. Now, write a notice. 99%
v) Your English teacher is sick. ….
Write a notice for the students of Degree (Pass) 3rd year. 98%

11. Advertisement_Writing :
Write an advertisement for the post of an ……
i) officer against in company. 100%
ii) want to appointment part time teachers of English.
iii) You have lost your academic certificates. Now, prepare an advertisement for any national daily. 99%
iv) Suppose, you are the owner of a flat. You want to let it. Now prepare an advertisement. 98%/New shampoo.
v) you want to a new job. Now prepare a Bio Data. 97%

12. Slogan_Writing :
Make a slogan creating or Write a four slogans …..
i) against corruption. 100%
ii) awareness against child abuse. 100%
iii) against food adulteration. 99%
iv) awareness dug addiction. 98%
v) awareness against militancy. 99%
vi) awareness tree plantation/deforestation. 98%
vii) the importance of reading books. 97%

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