NU Honours 1st Year Result 2022

NU Honours 1st Year Result 2022 has been published today at 7.00 PM (21 April 2022). National University published multiple notices regarding Honours 1st Year Result 2022. This result is for Honours first-year students (Session 2022).

In this post we will discuss the details of Honors first year exam results in detail. How to view results online How to get results via SMS There will be more discussion about detailed results in this post. Brothers, I hope you who are students will read the whole post carefully. Let’s start.

Today, the official website of the National University has published two notice about the results of the Honors first year exam 2020. According to the notice, students will be able to see the Honours first-year result from 7 pm onwards.

The notice also explains how students can retrieve their results via SMS and online. In this post, we will discuss in detail how can get results from SMS & online in a very easy way.

NU Honours 1st Year Result 2022

The results of the Honors first year examination of 2020 have been publish today on 21st April 2022. This result will be available on the website of the students of this university from 7 pm today. And will be available via SMS also today at 7pm.

A total of 4 lakh 78 thousand 249 candidates from 879 colleges have appeared for the exam in 31 Honours subjects. Students will be able to view the published results via SMS from 7 pm and the results will also be available on the official website.

  • Result Name: Honours 1st year Exam Result 2022
  • Result Publish Date: 21 Aparil 2022
  • Total Examinee: 4,74,249
  • Publish media: Website and SMS

So let’s not look at the beginning of what the notice said about this result. We will then discuss how to view the results online via SMS or any other method.

Notice of Honours First Year Result 2022

The National University today issued two circulars on 21st April 2012 regarding the results of the first year of Honors. Let’s see what this notice says about the results.

Notice of Honours First Year Result 2022

A statement from the National University said that the results of the 2020 Honors first year examinations have been released subject to approval by the Academic Council & Syndicate. The only thing that has been said here today is that the results of the examination have been published today.

A notice has also been issued regarding the results of the National University Honors first year examination which is given below.

nu result

The notification mentioned above is about the publication of test results and how the results will get. We will now discuss this in detail below.

How to get NU Honours 1st Year Result 2022?

According to the notife by the National University, the results of the Honors first-year exam can be obtained in two ways. The first method is that you can get your results online with roll and registration number. And the second method is that you can get your test results by sending SMS.

nu result notice

We will discuss in detail here the two methods on how you can get your results. Let’s see how it is possible to get Honors first year exam results via SMS or online without delay.

Honours First year result by Online

To find out my first year exam number from online, you have to follow the following rules. We give the detailed rules step-by-step below so that you can easily find out your result by clicking.

  • Go to the website:
  • Select Honours first year from the left side.
  • Now type your Roll/Registration Number from the admit card.
  • Then type passing Year.
  • Now fill up the captcha code
  • Now hit the Search Result Button.
  • You’re done.

By following this method you can easily get the results of National University Honors first year exam online.

Special note: The server load is much higher due to the effort of all the students as soon as the results are released. So you may be a little embarrassed to see the results from online. In this case you can send an SMS to find out your results or after a while you will be able to see your results.

Honours First year result by SMS

Students can get the Honours first year result from online and also from mobile SMS. To get National University Honours first Year Result 2022 in mobile they have to send SMS this process. You can use any mobile operator to get the result. Type-


Example– NU H1 12345678901 send to 16222

By following these rules you can easily get the results of National University by SMS. In case of withdrawal with SMS, you must keep in mind that a specific charge will be applicable for each SMS.

An alternative way to get Results using College Wise Method

You will not be able to view the results from the National University website at this time due to the heavy load on the server. In this case you will see the results ahead of the College Wise Result Method using one of our apps.

nu result app

The name of the app is “NU Result” which can be downloaded from the Play Store. I am giving this post in the description with the link to the app for your convenience.

Result App Link: NU Result

Honours Result Video Tutorial

If you don’t understand after reading the post above, then watch the video below to understand how to find out the results. Below is a tutorial video for your convenience.

How to get Honours 1st Year Mark Sheet?

Results are usually seen some time after the publication of the test results or a few days after the results with the mark sheet. However, nowadays the National University publishes the results of the examination along with the mark sheet on this website.

In this case, you have to try after 7 pm to see the results of Honors first year examination with full mark sheet. However, we will give more details about any updates.

Honours First Year Result 2022 Re-check Process

Notice regarding application for review of honors first year examination results has been published. According to the new notification, the revision of Honors first year examination results will start from 27th April 2022 and it will end on 15th March 2022.

Click here to see the details of the notification: NU Honours 1st Year Result Board Challenge 2022

In that case, students are required to apply for a result review or challenge within a specified date, giving a specific fee. If the application for review of results has not been published yet, we will inform you here.

Honours Grading System in National University

National University Grading System” This post can help understand how to exam papers shall be considered the basis of the marks.

  • 80% or above A+ (Plus) 4.00
  • 75% to less than 80% A (Plain) 3.75
  • 70% to less than 75% A- (Minus) 3.50
  • 65% to less than 70% B+ (Plus) 3.25
  • 60% to less than 65% B (Plain) 3.00
  • 55% to less than 60% B- (Minus) 2.75
  • 50% to less than 55% C+ (Plus) 2.50
  • 45% to less than 50% C (Plain) 2.25
  • 40% to less than 45% D (Plain) 2.00
  • <40%(less than 40%) F (Fail) 0.00

NU Honours Pass Marks

The participation of the students is mandatory in all required and fixed (written, oral and practical, etc) courses and examinations. The students have to pass all courses by gaining at least 40% marks or achieving D Grade which is regarded as 2 points.

In this case, only D Grade or more thane it and above grade or points or credits shall be countable. The noncredit of English subjects related to gaining a GPA would not be countable as result.

To know more about National University Grading System just check this post: NU Grading System 2022

Honours First year Result (FAQ)

We have tried to answer some common questions about Honors first year exams and answer them here. I hope the students will get their own answers to these questions.

When will publish Honours first year result 2022?

The results of the Honors first-year examination will be published on 27 April 2022 at 7 pm.

How can I get the results of Honors first year exam?

To find out the results of Honors first-year exam, you need to enter this website ( and search with your registration number.

Honors first year exam results can be found with the app?

Yes, that’s possible, that’s why you need to download the NU Result app from Google Play Store and get your result with your roll & registration number.

NU Result Notice 2022

We publish the latest published notifications regarding the results of the National University. Below is a list of the latest published results.

You can also download our app to get the latest notifications. The name of the app is ” NUBD24” which is available in Google Play Store. If you download the app, you will get the latest notification on your mobile phone for free.

Conclusion: Since the National University has announced the results, those of you who are candidates should try to see the results after 7 pm today. I hope your NU Honours 1st Year Result 2022 will be good. Thank you for reading this post.

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