NU Degree 3rd Year CGPA Result 2024

NU Degree 3rd Year CGPA Result 2024 has been published today on 30 May 2024 at 10.30 AM. This is National University’s 2021 Academy Session Degree Pass and Certificate Course Third Year Combined Result.

Students can easily check this result from the official result portal of the National University (

In this post, I will discuss in detail the third-year final CGPA result of the Degree pass and Certificate course 2024.

Notice of Degree 3rd Year CGPA Result 2024

National University has published a notice regarding Degree 3rd Year CGPA Result 2024. The notice states about the results’ publication and where the results can be viewed. Let’s take a look at the notice.

Degree 3rd Year CGPA Result 2024

The degree consolidated result you can get under the degree menu from the official result portal of the National University. And from there you can check the result with the candidate’s roll and registration number.

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How to get Degree Final CGPA Result 2024?

Now I will discuss in detail how students can check their 2021 academic session degree third year final CGPA result.

National University Degree Consolidated Results you can check only from one website. You can not check the result from any other website or through SMS.

Let’s see how to check National University Degree Pass and Certificate Course Final CGPF Consolidated Result.

Check CGPA Result From:

National University 2021 Session Degree Final CGPA Consolidated Results you can check from this website (
  • Step 1: Visit this website first:
  • Step 2: Click the Degree Menu from the left side
  • Step 3: Click the Consolidated result menu
  • Step 4: Input your Exam Roll and Registration Number
  • Step 5: Input Exam Year
  • Step 6: Fill the capture code
  • Finally, click the Search Result Button

If everything is fine by following the above rules you can easily get the 2021 session degree pass and certificate course third year final CGPA result.

degree Consolidated result

Only from this website, you can check the result. Cannot check degree third year CGPA result from any other website.

So check the result patiently following the correct rules. Hope you can see the final CGPA result very easily if you try according to our rules.

How to Calculate Degree CGPA Result?

To calculate Degree Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) some things have to be kept in mind. Such as the academic grading system of the National University.

CGPA results are calculated by dividing the credit and grade points of each subject according to the grading system of National University Academy.

Students are given grade points and credits in a demo form to better understand the students.

CourseGradeGrade PointCredits
Course 1A+4.03
Course 2A3.74
Course 3B3.03
Course 4B+3.52
Course 5C+2.52

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Now multiply the credits with the grade points. Then as it stands.

  • Course 1: 4.0×3=124.0 \times 3 = 124.0×3=12
  • Course 2: 3.5×4=143.5 \times 4 = 143.5×4=14
  • Course 3: 3.0×3=93.0 \times 3 = 93.0×3=9
  • Course 4: 3.7×2=7.43.7 \times 2 = 7.43.7×2=7.4
  • Course 5: 2.5×3=7.52.5 \times 3 = 7.52.5×3=7.5

Total grade points and total credits must be added separately at this stage of the calculation.

  • Total Grade Points: 12+14+9+7.4+7.5=49.9
  • Total Credits: 3+4+3+2+3=15

Then divide the total grade points by the total credits. After that, your total CGPA result will come out.


National University students can easily find out their CGPA results by using this formula. But there is an even easier way if you use the CGPA calculator.

Students can easily calculate degree pass and certificate course CGPA results online through NU Degree CGPA calculator.

NU Degree Latest Result Update

I am sharing with you the notices related to the latest published degree department results of National University. You can click on the previously published notices in detail.

We publish updates regarding the latest results of all departments including degrees in national universities. Visit our website for regular updates.


NU Degree 3rd Year CGPA Result 2024 has already upload on the result server. You can check the results online very easily according to the rules shown by us. As of today, hoping that the results will be good. Have a good day.

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