NU Preliminary to Masters Form Fill Up 2023

NU Preliminary To Masters Form Fill Up 2023 online application will start on 24 May 2023. And this Preliminary to Masters Online form fill-up process will end on 15th June 2023.

This is for MA, MSS, MSc, MBA, and M Music Preliminary to Master (2020 Session) Exam Form fill up under National University. This preliminary to the Master’s form and exam will be held according to the 2017-2018 syllabus of the National University.

In this post, we will discuss the preliminary to Masters exam of the National University 2020 session and the exam in detail. Here we will discuss how to fill out the form online. Details about how much to deposit and how to deposit to fill out the form.

Date of Preliminary to Masters Form Fill Up 2023

In this part, we will share with you some important information and dates related to National University Preliminary Masters Exam Form Filling 2023. Hope these dates will be useful for you later while filling out the exam form.

Online application and form download start24 May 2023
Form Fill Up Deadline15 June 2023
The Application form is verified by the college18 June 2023
Collection of pay slip of online application20 June 2023 to 22 June 2023

These dates mentioned above were related to filling the form of Preliminary to Masters examination of the National University. According to these dates, online form-filling activities will be held. Therefore, students are requested to complete the form-filling process within the specified date.

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Notice of Preliminary to Masters Form Fill Up 2023

According to the latest expatriate notice of National University, the preliminary masters examination form filling will start on 24th May 2023. Let’s have a look at the detailed notice published in this regard.

Preliminary to Masters Form Fill Up 2023
NU masters form fill up
Preliminary to Masters exam 2023

In the notice mentioned above, all the information about filling out the National University Preliminary Masters Examination form has been provided. How to fill out the form online, and how much money to deposit is detailed in the notice. After that, we will discuss these issues in detail.

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Download Preliminary to Masters Form Fill Up Notice

If you want to download the above notice of the National University Preliminary to Masters form fill then you can. The download link is below, from which you can easily download this form fill up notice.

Besides, if you are using our Android app, then this notice will be downloaded on your mobile phone with one click without any kind of trouble. For this, download our Android app (NUBD24) from Google Play Store.

How to do Preliminary to Masters Online Form Fill Up

Now we will share with you the rules for filling out the preliminary to masters application form and description form of the National University. Similarly, the Preliminary to Masters examination form filling will be done online. I will share with you how to do it completely online.

Online Form Fill Up

Online form filling for the National University should be done on the website ( Then complete the online form-filling process with the required information. What else to do is given below in detail.

form fill up guide

After that, the applicant has to enter the website mentioned by the university on his own responsibility and fill the form according to the instructions of the website with his registration number. Once the application form-filling process is completed, an application should be printed online.

Submit the Application Form to College

Then the completed application form will contain the candidate’s subject code and reference. The applicant should submit a copy along with the application fee to the designated country of the college.

At this time the candidate must enter the letter code on his own responsibility with caution. If there is a provision of course selection from multiple courses, the course selection should be done correctly. Because the course cannot be changed after filling out the form.

Students Photo

Two recent passport-size photographs of each candidate will be required. Where one copy is attested and the other copy is to be pasted in the prescribed place in the online printed application form.

After providing the admit card from the university, the admit card should be collected after affixing the photo with glue on it and verifying the principal’s signature.

NU Preliminary To Masters Form Fill Up Fee 2023

At this stage, we will discuss about National University 2030 Preliminary to Master’s exam form filling application free. From here you can get an idea of how much money your exam will cost. And you will see a list of what money will be required.

Theoretical (Per Subject)250 Taka.
Practical (Per Subject)250 Taka.
Viva Exam (Per Student)250 Taka.
Marksheet Fee (Per Student)300 Taka.
Exam Center Fee450 Taka.
Exam Center Fee (Practica)200 Taka.
Incourse Exam fee300 Taka.
Social Work and Geography and Environmental Science Fieldwork Fees (Per Student)1,100 Taka.

These were basically the application fee for filling out the preliminary to Masters examination form of the National University. However, the mentioned amount may vary slightly depending on the college. For this, the amount of money required to fill out the form should be confirmed by contacting the respective college.

Preliminary to Masters Exam Fee 2023

Next, we will discuss about the preliminary to the masters examination fee of the 2019-20 session per student. We are providing a list below which details about 2023 Preliminary Masters Exam Free.

In case of candidates appearing for MA/MSS/MBA in all papers2,650 Taka
For candidates appearing for MSC all papers2,650 Taka
Library Science for candidates appearing for all papers2,900 Taka

Separate examination fees have been fixed for different subjects mentioned above. Besides, it is requested to contact the college to know the fee fixed by the college before the start of the examination.

Special Note: There will be no full opportunity through penalty after the prescribed time for filling the form. So of course it is requested to complete the online form-filling activities within the stipulated time.

Fee Submission Procedure

At this stage, we will discuss how a student will submit the preliminary to Masters form filling application fee. We are presenting each step by step.

  • Firstly, regular students in the academic year 2019 must download the prescribed submission form from the National University website (
  • After that, you have to submit through Sonali Seva at any branch of Sonali Bank.
  • Finally, the college should collect from the website of the National University and submitted to any branch of the nearest Sonali Bank.

Exam Participation Eligibility

At this stage, we will discuss who can participate in the preliminary to masters examination of 2023. That is, we will share what qualifications or conditions is require to participate in the Preliminary Masters’s exam.

  • For the academic year 2019-20 regular private examinees can participate as regular examinees.
  • The academic year 2018-19 candidates who have not appeared in the 2019 examination
  • Students who did not participate in the exam in 2019 will be able to take the exam as irregular
  • Candidates of the 2018-19 academic year who appeared in the 2019 examination and failed (F Grade) more than one
  • Students who participated in the exam in 2019 but have one or more C Grades or D Grades. They can participate in the exam for Grade Improvement.
  • Candidates who took the exam in 2019 obtained a CGP below 2.50
  • And those subjects who have obtained C or D grades can give an improvement exam in a maximum of two subjects

A student who fulfills all these conditions or falls within the conditions will have the opportunity to participate in the 2023 Preliminary Masters Examination. At the same time, they can fill the newly released form.

Preliminary to Masters Exam Syllabus 2023

Finally, the preliminary to Masters examination will start in 2023. It will be held in National University 2017-2018 academic year grading system. Similarly, the exam question paper and all related things will be completed according to the grading system of this 2017-18 academic year.

In addition, for the academic year 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020, the examination will be held by the National University according to the syllabus. This includes MA/MSS/MBA/MSC M Music Preliminary to Masters Examination.

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NU Latest Notice

At this stage, we are sharing some notices of the National University’s latest published Master before you. If you want, you can read the notices in detail by clicking on them. Let’s have a look at the last published Masters 2023 notices.

FAQ Section

At this stage, we will present some important questions about the preliminary to Masters exam and filling the exam form. At the same time, the answers to the questions will be given here so that the students can get the answers to their questions.

When start Preliminary to Masters Form Fill Up 2023?

As per the latest published notice online application for filling the preliminary masters exam form 2023 will start from 24 May 2023.

What is the Preliminary to Master form fill-up fee for 2023?

Fees for filling out different forms have been fixed for different subjects of Preliminary to Masters. Full details of fees are described above.

When start Preliminary to Masters Exam 2023?

2023 Preliminary to Master’s exam will start depending on the routine release. The form fill up process is not over yet. Once the form filling is done, the routine will be published and it will say when the exam will start.

Final Word

Finally, National University Preliminary to Masters Form Fill Up 2023 date has been published. So, we request to students complete the form-filling process within the stipulated time. Because once the date of form filling is over, no other student can fill up the form. Many thanks for reading this post.

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