NU Preliminary To Masters Result 2024

NU Preliminary To Masters Result 2024 (Session: 2020) has been published today 25 January 2024). Students can check the result from the official website of National University ( with exam roll and registration number.

This post will discuss how to check Preliminary to 2024 result online. We will show the shortcut technique through which students can easily check the National University Preliminary Masters Exam Result.

Preliminary To Masters Result 2024

National University Preliminary to Masters Result 2024 is out. Many students from different parts of Bangladesh participated in the preliminary to Masters examination under National University. Their exam results have been published this evening on the National University Result Portal. Let’s have some more information related to this.

  • Result Name: Preliminary to Masters Result 2024
  • Session: 2020
  • Result Publish date: 25 January 2024
  • Check Result: Online result portal (

This was important information regarding the Preliminary to Masters Exam Result 2020 session. We will discuss in the next part how to do Prelims to Masters online and through SMS. Besides, I will share more important information with you in the next part. Let’s begin.

Notice of Preliminary To Masters Result 2024

The National University has published the notice regarding the results of the preliminary masters examination in 2020 session on the official website. The notice says that the results of the preliminary masters examination 2020 have been published. Let’s take a look at the notice at the beginning.

Notice of Preliminary To Masters Result 2024

The published notice also states that the National University reserves the right to cancel the results if any errors are found. Apart from this, the notice has also discussed from where the result can be checked.

After this, we will see how to check Preliminary Masters Exam Result 2024 online and through SMS. Let’s start the detailed discussion.

How to check NU Preliminary To Masters Result 2024?

Results published by National University can usually be checked in two ways (through online and through SMS). Results of the Preliminary Masters exam published in 2024 can also be checked online and through SMS.

check NU Preliminary To Masters Result 2024

We are discussing step by step how to check result online and through SMS. You can also check your result according to our showing rules.

Check Result Online

You can easily check the National University Preliminary Masters Exam Results online. There are two websites through which the result can be checked. The two websites are the official website of this university.

I am trying to show step by step in this part how to check results from two websites separately. You can try different ways to check your results.

Check Result through:

As you can see in the above picture, the link of this website will be given right below this paragraph. And the rules of how to see the results are also discussed in this part.

  • Visit:
  • Then, Type your Registration Number
  • Type your exam year
  • After that Hit the Search Result Button

By following this method you can easily see your Preliminary Masters Exam Result using your registration number only. You don’t need to enter any roll number or capture code to check the result.

According to my knowledge, this is the easiest and shortcut technique through which to check National University Preliminary Masters Exam Result. You can also try.

Check Results through:

There is another website whose address or link is shared below. Let’s see how to check results from this website.

  • Visit this website: NU Result
  • Now, Click on Masters menu on the left side
  • After clicking you will see Masters Prelims and Masters Finals under the Masters menu
  • Click on Master’s Preli
  • Then you have to give your exam roll and registration number
  • After that, you have to click on the search result button with the capture code below
  • Now you will see your result in front of you

By following these two rules given above and you can easily check your Preliminary to Master 2024 Result from the website.

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Check Preliminary Result 2024 by SMS

You can check Preliminary to Masters exam result 2024 through SMS very easily with mobile. There are rules to check the National University Preliminary Masters Exam Result 2020 through SMS. Now we will share it with you below

First, you have to go to your mobile then type NU <space> MP <space> Roll Number then send it to this number 16222.

Example: NU MP 586652 send to 16222

By following this rule, you can easily see the results of the preliminary Masters exam 2024 from the message option on your mobile.

Another advice for you is that there is a heavy load on the National University website as soon as the results are released. Due to this it will be best to check the result by SMS.

NU Masters 1st Part Result 2024

25th January 2000 24th April 2000 Master’s 1st round exam results published. The results are going to be checked from the website of the National University Office.

Students can check the exam results through SMS and from the website simultaneously. The notice states that the result has been published and if any error is found in the result, the National University can cancel it.

The notice states that students who notice errors in their results or object to the results can apply for re-verification of the results.

But to recheck the result you must recheck within 30 days. You will have to pay a certain amount of fee for the re-verification of Masters First Phase Exam Result.

Next we will see how to apply for a recheck of preliminary masters exam results.

Preliminary to Masters Result Board Challenge Application 2024

At this stage, we will discuss how you can apply for online re-checking or challenge of masters 1st part preliminary exam results. About how you will submit the online re-examination application fee etc. Let’s begin.

result recheck website
  • Firstly, you have to visit this website
  • After that click the Service menu at top of the site menu
  • Then click the Re-scrutiny Menu
  • After that, you will get a new page name Payment System
  • Select your Exam name Preliminary to Masters (1st Part)
  • Then, type your Registration Number and hit the Search button
  • After that, you will see in front of you the third-year courses with code
  • Now select the subject for which you want to recheck the result (Now select the subject for which you want to recheck the result)
  • After filling out the application form click the next button and download the pay slip

In this way, you can apply online for the board challenge of the Masters 1st part result 2024.

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Masters Result Re-Check Payment Procedure

By downloading the payslip, you can submit the application fee at the nearest Sonali Bank branch. Apart from this, the result recheck application fee can also be submitted through mobile banking using the online payment gateway.

The last date for submission of the application and application fee is after 30 days after publication of the result. Note that application and deposit of application fee cannot be done before and after the prescribed time.

National University has published a notification regarding the Board Challenge of Preliminary to Master’s First Part Exam Result 2020 on 25 January 2024.

Various issues have been discussed in the notification. It has been told how to apply, how much money will be required for the application fee, etc.

Preliminary to Masters Result with Marksheet

We will show at this stage how you can see the result of the NU Preliminary To Masters Result 2024 along with the mark sheet. You need to follow some rules to check the Preliminary to Master Result with the Marksheet online. We will discuss it in detail now.

Result with Marksheet
  • Firstly visit the National University Result Portal:
  • Next, you need to select Masters Menu from the left side
  • Then, Masters must be pre-selected
  • After that, you need to enter your exam registration number and exam year
  • After entering the capture code and clicking on the search result button, the result along with the mark sheet will appear in front of you

You can easily check the NU Preliminary To Masters Result 2024 with the mark sheet that has been published today by doing the above method.

That’s why you just have to follow the above rules. After visiting the website and doing the things that are asked to do, you will see the result of the Preliminary Master along with the mark sheet.

National University Masters Grading System

National University Masters Grading System” This post can help understand how exam papers shall be considered the basis of the marks.

MarksLetter GradeGrade Point (4.00)Class Grading
80-100A+4.001st class
75-79A3.751st class
70-74A-3.501st class
65-69B+3.251st class
60-64B3.001st class
55-59B-2.752nd class
50-54C+2.502nd class
45-49C2.252nd class
40-44C-2.003rd class

According to the National University Grading system, the result of CGPA 3.00-4.00 is First class. And the result of a CGPA 2.25-2.99 is counted as Second class. And lastly, the result of CGPA 2.00-2.24 is counted as Third class.

For more details about the grading system: NU grading System

NU Masters CGPA Calculator

If you are in the Final year of Masters and want to calculate your GPA then you have come to the right place. NUBD24 brings you CGPA and GPA calculators with which you can easily calculate Honors CGPA and GPA.

It is very easy to calculate the CGPA result of Masters Last year using this national university calculator. So, here we will share the NU Masters CGPA calculator below.

Calculator link: NU Masters CGPA Calculator

NU Masters Latest Result Notice

At this stage we will share with you the notices related to the results of Masters Department of the National University. If you want, you can read the details by clicking on the previously published notices.

Besides, you can click on the Masters Result menu of our website to get other notices of Masters Department. Besides, you will get the recent notices in the notice menu.


You already know that NU Preliminary To Masters Result 2024 has been published. So by following the rules shown by us, you can easily check your preliminary masters exam results online and through SMS. Hope your exam results will be good. Thank you so much for staying with us and reading our post.

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