NU Degree Admission Result 2022

NU Degree Admission Result 2022 has been published today. National University Degree 1st year admission result will publish on 14 November 2022 at 4 PM. Those who want to take admitted to the Degree first year of the National University 2022. They will be able to see the admission result by SMS from 4 pm and the website at 9 pm.

Today 14th November 2022 Date 4 pm is published Degree First Year Admission Result. Those students will get a chance in the first year’s first merit list of the degree. And must fill out the final form online between November 14 and November 24, 2022.

Degree Admission Result 2022

The first merit list of Degree admission for the 2021-22 academic year is going to publish today at 4 pm. Students can see the published results through SMS and from the admission website of the National University. Some related information is presented below for you.

  • Published Result Name: Degree First Year Admission Result 2022
  • Admission Result Publish Date: 14 November 2022
  • Class Start Date: 30 November 2022
  • Final Form Fill-Up Last Date: 24 November 2022
  • Get Admission Result by SMS & Result Portal Webpage

Degree 1st-year admission results will be available from the 14th of November at 4 pm. Students who will get a chance in the first merit list, start their classes on 30 November 2022. Besides, how to get the results, and how to fill the final form, we will discuss in detail now.

Notice of Degree 1st Year Admission Result 2022

National University published a notification about Degree First Year Admission Results on 10 November 2022. In the notice, the NU has discussed in detail the first merit list for admission to the degree. Besides, let’s see the details of what is included in the notice.

Degree Admission Result 2022

A lot of details have been discussed in the notice that has been published regarding the publication of the first merit list for the first year of degree admission. It includes how you can check degree admission results through SMS. It has also been discussed how you can see the results from the website after 9 pm.

Moreover, detailed information about degree admission is given such as the date of the final form fillup. Besides, the details of when the classes are starting have been discussed. We will discuss each one in detail in the next part.

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Download Degree Admission Result Notice

If you want to download the published notice about degree admission results then you can click on the link given below. Notice download is one of the facilities we provide to students.

Students can also download and keep it on their mobile. By doing this later they can open and collect the information at any time. If you want to download the notification related to degree admission results then click on the download button below.

Besides, you can download the notice very easily using our “NUBD24 android app”. You can download the notice of any post by downloading it from the Google Play Store with one click through the browser.

How to get Degree Admission Result 2022

At this stage, we will see how you can see the first merit list wow result of degree admission. Suddenly we will discuss in detail what method you can follow to get your admission result.

Usually, it is said in the notice that you can see the first-year admission results of the degree in two ways. The first one is through SMS you can find out the first-year admission result of the degree. And the second is that you can see the result from the admission website of the National University.

At this stage, we will discuss the two methods one by one so that you can see your results using both methods.

Degree Admission Result by SMS

National University Degree Admission Result Notice has already shown how you can see result through SMS. However, at this stage we will show you how to get your degree admission result by SMS in a very nice way.

To view the results you will need a mobile phone with sufficient balance. After that you have to go to the message option of the phone then type (nu<space>atdg<space>roll no) then send it to the 16222 number.

degree admission result by sms

Example: nu atdg 16545852 Send 16222

By following the rules shown above, you can easily check the results of the first merit list of the first year of degree admission. But in this case, you must have enough balance in your mobile to send an SMS. And a certain amount of money will be deducted for each SMS.

Special Note: You have to try after 14 November 2000 22 PM to check the result through SMS.

How to get Degree First Year Admission Result form Online?

At this stage, we will see how you can see the results of the first merit list of first-year admission to a degree online. That is, how you can easily see your admission results online.

 Degree First Year Admission Result form Online

We will discuss the easiest method so that you can easily check your degree admission result from National University Admission Portal. Let’s see how you can see the first-year degree admission result online.

  • Firstly, visit this admission website
  • Then click Applicants Login” menu from the Degree tab.
  • Type your roll and PIN number.
  • Then you will see the admission results from Dashboard.
  • If you are selected, then Fill up the Final Admission Form.

This way you can easily view the results of the Degree first-year admission result online. And to do that you must have a smartphone or computer with an internet connection.

Degree First Year Admission Results 2022 First Merit List is published on 14th November 2022. It will be released at 4 pm and will be viewed via SMS. The results will be published on the website after 9 pm.

Students who get a chance in the first merit list will have to complete the admission process by filling up the form between 14 November 2022 and 24 November 2022. If you do not complete the admission within the stipulated time, your set will be considered canceled.

The migration option will be turned on which means you will be able to complete the migration process when the admission form fillup process is completed.

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Degree Admission 1st Merit List Check By SMS, Online

We have already discussed how to check the first merit list of Degree first-year admissions online and via SMS. However, for the convenience of the students, I am again discussing in detail here how you can check the degree admission results online and via SMS.

You need to enter this website to check the first merit list of online Degree first-year admission 2022. Then from there, you have to log in with your roll number and pin number by clicking on the student login option. After logging in you will see the results of your Degree first-year admission.

If you have selected the results of Degree first-year admissions then after logging in you will see which college you got a chance in. Otherwise, it will show you are not on the merit list. In that case, you have to wait for the second merit list.

In addition, you can see the results of Degree first year admission from the message option mobile. That’s why you have to go to the message option of your mobile and type some things which I am writing now.

Go to Phone Message Options and type NU <space> ATDG<space> Roll Number and send it to 16222. This way you can easily check the result of the first merit list of Degree 1st year admission from the mobile message option.

Degree Admission 2nd Merit List Result 2022

Those who do not get a chance in the 1st merit list of degree 1st-year admission will have to wait for the second merit list. Because this is the admission system/process of the National University. The second merit list will publish within 07 to 15 days after the 1st merit list of degree first-year admission.

So those who did not get a chance in the first merit list must not be upset and wait for the second merit list. In the second merit list, if you get a chance in any college, you can get admission to that college by following the complete rules. Second Merit List Results of degree Admission and you can find out through the website and SMS.

Complete Degree Final Admission Form Fill-Up 2022

Students who have a chance on the first merit list of Degree first-year admission results will have to fill up the final admission form to complete the admission. All the students who get a chance in the result have to fill the final admission form between 14 November to 24th November 2022.

And students must complete admission to the college of chance between 22 November. Failure to complete the admission process within the stipulated time will result in the cancellation of your admission sit. And in this scheduled admission process you must complete the admission process by paying a certain fee to the college where you got the chance.

At the time of filling up the final form, student’s mobile number, parent’s mobile number and parents’ annual income, student’s permanent address, and current address will be required. To complete this Degree Admission Final Form, you need to complete it by logging in to the National University Admission Portal.

And if you do not want to migrate to any subject at this time, you must turn off the migration option while filling out the form. If you do not turn off the migration option, the migration process will be completed automatically. In that case, you may have to face various difficulties later.

Date of Honours 1st Year Admission Result 2022

Date of collection of the old PDF copy of the online form of the students who got a chance in the first merit list.14/11/2022 to 24/11/2022
Date of submission through mobile banking to the designated college for a registration fee of 485 takas.15/11/2022 to 27/11/2022
Final admission confirmation date of the students placed in the first merit list of the college15/11/2022 to 28/11/2022
Date of deposit of money for a registration fee of students in the concerned college29/11/2022 to 05/12/2022

Students have to complete all the activities of Degree first-year admission within the stipulated time. After the deadline, students will face various difficulties if they complete all the admissions activities.

Degree Admission Result 2022 Link:

To check Degree First Year Admission Results 2022 online you need to enter a specific link. The link is provided by the National University to the students through their official website with a notification. Here is the link to Degree First Year Admission Result 2022 (

By accessing this link, students can easily view the results of their Degree First Year 2022 Admission. However in that case students must log in after entering the link with them and the PIN number. Which was provided at the time of admission.

Degree Pass Course Admission Result 2022-23

The National University has published a complete notification regarding the results of Degree first-year admissions. The notice states the results of the National University’s 2021-22 academic year Degree first year admissions. The notice mentions how to see the results of the first merit list of degree first year.

How students will fill out the final admission form and how to deposit money. In fact, this notice discusses in detail the admission and the results of the first year of degree 2022. All the information related to admission can be found on the National University website: Students will also be able to log in to the website to view the admission results and all other matters.

Degree Pass Course Admission 2022

Now we are going to share among you the main notice of admission in Degree pass course 2022 that was published. Because in this notice it is said in detail who can apply, how to apply, how much money to deposit etc. We will discuss these issues in more detail below before let’s read the circular from start to finish.

Degree Admission 2022
NU Degree Admission Notice
NU Admission Circular
degree pass course notice

In the notice mentioned above, the details about the National University Degree pass course admission 2022 have been mentioned. The notice has discussed in detail who will be able to get admission in the Degree regular program this academic year 2021-22.

How much money to submit the application fee for degree admission? And what procedures should be followed by the students to get admission to the Degree? We will talk about these issues in more detail now. That is, I will discuss how a student will complete the Degree pass course admission in 2022 from the beginning to the end.

Subject List For Degree Pass Admission 2022

Below is a list of all subjects that students can enroll in Degree regular program in the 2021-22 academic year. The students of all the subjects mentioned in the mentioned list can get admission to National University Degree program.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A)Bachelor of Science (B.S.c)
1) Arabic
2) B. Music
3) Bangla
4) Drama and Media Studies
5) English
6) History
7) Islamic History & Culture
8) Islamic Studies
9) Library and Information Science
10) Pali
11) Philosophy
12) Sanskrit

17) B. Sports
18) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
19) Botany
20) Chemistry
21) Computer Science
22) Geography and Environment
23) Home Economics
24) Madar Bux Home Economics
25) Marine Engineering
26) Marine Fisheries
27) Mathematics
28) Nautical
29) Physics
30) Psychology
31) Soil Science
32) Statistics
33) Zoology
Bachelor of Business Studies (B.B.S)Bachelor of Social Science (B.S.S)
13) Accounting
14) Finance & Banking
15) Management
16) Marketing
34)  Economics
35)  Political Science
36)  Social Work
37)  Sociology

Degree Pass Admission Cancel Process

To cancel the Degree admission application form or change a defective photograph have to follow some process. Here we will discuss more this topic. So let’s start. If you want to cancel/make changes to the Degree admission online application form follow the instruction.

Firstly, need to go to Applicant’s Login (Degree pass) option and give the application number rail number and pin entry. after that, click the Form Cancel / Photo Change Option then Click the Generate the Security key option. 

At this time, you will get a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS on your phone number. Which you entered at the time of application. 

With this OTP you will cancel your application form or you may change your photo. And you can also cancel your entire Degree admission application form and will re-apply.

Date of NU Degree Admission 2022

According to the newly published notice, Degree Pass Admission online activities will start from 18th September 2022 at 4 pm to October 18th, 2022, at 12 pm. Let’s know more below.

Online Apply and form fill up18th September 2022 to 18th October 2022 (New)
Pay the application fee19th October 2022 (New)
The admission form verify by the college20 October 2022 (New)
Download the payslip and submit the fee23rd October 2022 to 27th October 2022 (New)

Be sure to note the important dates related to the above Degree pass admission as these are the full dates. And the date will be very useful for you later in the degree pass course admission time.

National University Degree Admission Application Online Link

If you want to be admitted to Degree 2021-22 academic year, then you must first apply online by entering the prescribed date and by entering the link.

Below we provide you the online link you need for Degree Pass Admission 2022. Just by clicking on the Apply Online button, you can apply for NU Degree Admission 2022.

What else you need to do after entering the link is discussed in detail below. There will also be further discussions on what qualifications you can have if you are admitted to the Degree Admission 2022 and more.

National University Degree Admission Fee 2022

For admission to National University Degree admission for sessions 2021-22 have to pay some amount of fees. Here we will provide the figure of money that you have to pay for NU Degree admission 2022 sessions. So let’s see the fees for NU Degree admission in 2022.

  1. Application fee: 250 Taka for a single admission application.
  2. Registration fee (per student): 400 Taka.
  3. Sport and culture fee: 20 Taka.
  4. BNCC fee (Per Student): 5 Taka.
  5. Rover Scout fees: 10 Taka.
  6. Admission Cancel fee: 700 Taka
  7. Reinstated fee: 700 Taka

Degree admission total fee 485 Taka for a session 2021-21 students. If you want to admit the National University Degree course, you have to pay 485 Taka by mobile banking.

  • Admission cancellation fee: 700 Taka
  • Admission Reinstated fee (Per student): 700 Taka.

If you want to cancel your Degree admission you have to pay 700 Taka to the NU authority for final cancellation. And if you want to Reinstate your Degree admission. Then also have to pay fees of 700 Taka per student. that is all about the National University’s Degree course admission 2021-22.

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NU Degree Pass Course Grading System

The National University class grading system follows the British undergraduate degree classification (GPA and Class Grading System). GPA above or equal to 3 is equal to 1st Class in Honours degree in Bangladesh. This means,

  • NU Academic CGPA 3.00 to 4.00 = 1st Class
  • Academic CGPA 2.25 to 2.99 = 2nd Class
  • Academic CGPA 2.00 to 2.249 = 3rd Class

NU Degree Pass Marks

Marks of the course100 (4 Credit)50 (2 Credit)
Pass marks4020
Countable CreditDD

Degree Admission Result FAQ

Here I am sharing for you some important questions related to degree results and their answers. Students often ask us these questions. Hopefully, you will get your desired answer from here.

When publish Degree’s first-year admission result 2022?

According to the latest published notice of the National University, the first year degree admission result will be published on November 14 at 4 pm.

How to get degree admission results by SMS?

To check your degree admission result via SMS, first go to your phone’s message option and type nu<space>atdg<space>roll no then send it to 16222

How can I check my Degree admission result?

You need to enter this website ( to check the results of online admission. And login with PIN number roll number to see results.

When will publish the 2nd merit list result of degree admission 2022?

The result of the second merit list of the degree admission program will be published within 7 to 15 days after the publication of the first merit list.

National University Admission Notice 2022

Here you found the latest admission notices published by the National University in 2022. You can take the latest published admission notification of the National University from below if you want.

Finally, Apart from degree admission results, all admission-related results of national universities are published on our website. Stay with us to get the latest admission results from National University.


In conclusion, National University has released the first merit list for first-year degree admission today November 14. You can see the Degree Admission Result 2022 through SMS from 4 pm and on the website from 9 pm. Complete the admission process within the stipulated time. All the best.

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