NU Masters Professional Admission Result 2024

NU Masters Professional Admission Result 2024 will published on 31 January 2024 at 4 P.M. On this day students can check admission result online using roll and pin number. The result can also be checked through SMS from 4 pm.

In this post, we will share with you the merit list result of masters professional admission in 2024 academic year. I will show you the detailed rules of how to check the results online and through SMS. In addition, many more important information will be shared in this post. Let’s start.

Masters Professional Admission Result 2024

The admission NU Masters Professional Admission Result 2024 in the academic year 2024 of the National University is going to publish today on 31st January 2024 at 4 pm. Students can check the result through SMS and can check the result online after 9 pm. Let’s know some more important information related to this.

  • Result Name: Masters Professional Admission Result 2024
  • Published Date: 31 January 2024
  • Result Available Time: Online (9 pm), SMS (4 pm)
  • Dual Admission Cancel Date: Till 06 February 2024

How students can check the admission result and fill the final admission form after getting the result will share in detail in the next part. But at the first we will share a notice regarding the admission result.

Notice of Masters Professional Course Admission Result 2024

The National University has published a notice regarding the result of Masters Professional Course 2024 admission on 29th January 2024. The notice shared when the result will be published and how to check the result. Besides, information is also given about how to fill the final admission form. Let’s take a look at the notice first.

Notice of Masters Professional Course Admission Result 2024

According to the published notice, the first merit list of National University Masters Professional Admission will be published today on January 31 at 4 pm. Besides, according to the notice, the previous admission must be canceled before 6 February 2024.

It has been mentioned that the classes of Masters Professional Course will start from 15th February 2024. Next we will see how to check admission result online and through SMS in detail.

How to check Masters Professional Admission Result 2024?

As seen earlier in the notice that results can be checked online and through SMS. But how to check the result we will discuss in detail in this part.

How to check Masters Professional Admission Result 2024

In this part we will discuss with you how to check the results in both the methods. First we will show how to check the first merit list result of Masters admission online. And later I will see how to check professional course masters admission result through SMS. Let’s start without delay.

Check Masters Professional Result Online

To check NU Masters Professional Admission Result 2024 online you need to follow some rules. For the convenience of the students, I am showing the tape by step rules so that any student can check the result very easily by following it. Let’s see those process in detail.

Masters Professional Result Online
  • First, you need to visit this website (
  • Then, you have to click on the Master’s menu
  • After that, click on the login button
  • Now click submit button with your roll and pin number
  • After login, you will see your Masters Professional Course Admission Result

If you pass the admission result then you will see in the dashboard which college you have got a chance. Otherwise, it will show you are not selected or any such message.

Special Note: Masters Professional Course Admission Result can be checked online from 31 January 2024 after 9 PM. You can check the result by SMS before this.

Result Check by SMS

At this stage, we will show how you can check the admission results of Masters Professional Course using your mobile phone. We will discuss step by step so that by following it you can get your desired result from sms.

To check admission result through an SMS send an SMS from your mobile after 4 PM on 13th April 2023. Now I am sharing with you how to send SMS.

To check the result, go to the message option on your mobile and type ,( nu <space> atmp <space>roll) and send it to 16222.

SMS Example: nu atmp 1758452 send number 16222

In this way, you can easily check the admission result of the Masters Professional Course from your mobile by sending SMS. Hope there will be no problem in this matter if there is a problem then you can let us know we will try to solve your problem.

Date of Masters Professional Final Admission 2024

Some important dates and times have been mentioned in the notice regarding the NU Masters Professional Admission Result 2024. Within this date, the students have to complete the admission process, deposit the money and do other related work. So I think you should know this important information so I shared it.

Final admission form filling date for chance students in release slip31 January 2024
to 08 February 2024
Date of submission of final admission form and registration fee for merit list students of release slip1 February 2024 to 11 February 2024
Final admission confirmation date online for students who have been given the chance of release slip by the college1 February 2024 to 12 February 2024
Date of submission of registration fee through Sonali Bank of the students admitted in the release slip merit list by the college13 February 2024 to 19 February 2024

Students have to fill the final form of admission and submit the admission fee within this period. Besides, it has been mentioned to submit the registration fee between February 1 and February 11.

Students must complete the admission process within the specified date. After that, no further admission process can be completed under any circumstances.

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Dual Admission Cancel

One thing that has been mentioned repeatedly in the admission notification and result notification of Masters Profession Course is dual admission 2024. That is, if the same student is doing more than one admission earlier, then must cancel the previous one and get admission in this course within the specified date.

The notification says that if the transfer student of the relay slip merit list is studying somewhere then he must cancel the previous admission and fill the final form online by 06 February 2024.

If any student fails to do so within the stipulated date then the admission and registration of that student along with his previous admission will be considered canceled.

Masters Professionla Admission Final Form Fill Up

You already know NU Masters Professional Admission Result 2024 has been published today. Those who will get a chance in the first merit list of National University Master’s professional program admission will have to complete the final form fill program online.

This final form fill program is only for those students who will get a chance. How to do it is discussed in detail below.

To complete the form filling process, you have to login to the admission portal with the admission roll number and pin number.

After login to the admission portal, students will see the college name and subject name of their chance. Just below that you will see the link or menu of Final From Fillup.

Click on the form fill button and fill in your personal and academic information and click on the submit button.

After submitting the application form, the form should be downloaded in PDF format and two copies should be printed on a4 size paper.

After that copy of the application form and your academic document (Honours/Preliminary to masters 1st part) attested mark sheet and registration card should be submitted to the designated college.

While submitting the documents you have to pay the application fee of 835 Taka through prescribed mobile banking or directly.

At this time, the college authorities will keep one copy of the application copy and will receive the other copy and return it to you.

In this way, the final form of the Masters professional course admission 2024 must be completed and the admission process must be completed. If you do not complete the final form filling process within the stipulated time (31 January to 08 february 2024), your admission will be considered cancelled.

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Latest Masters Admission Notice

In this part we will share with you the links of some important notices related to the latest Masters admission published by the National University. If you want, you can know more about these previously published notifications by clicking on the link.

Besides, we have an Android app that you can easily download and get regular updates from National University every day. We always publish the latest updates of National University first on our website and app.


NU Masters Professional Admission Result 2024 is published today 31st January 2024 at 4 pm. Students can easily check the result online and can also check the admission result through SMS. Hope all the results will be satisfactory and will get chance in the desired college. Many thanks for reading the post.

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