Degree 1st Year Exam Form Fill Up 2021

degree 1st year form fill up 2021

Today National University Published a notice about Degree 1st Year Exam Form Fill Up 2021. According to this new notice Degree 1st Year Form fill up 2021 will start from 30 September 2021.

Degree 1st-year form fill up 2021 will start from 30 September 2021, and it will continue to 23/10/2021. The last date of filling the Degree 1st -year form is 23 September 2021. 

Date of Degree 1st Year Form Fill Up 2021

  • Form Fill Up Online Application Start: 30 September 2021.
  • Application End date: 23 September 2021.
  • Submit form to the college by student: 24 October 2021.
  • Data authorization by College: 25 October 2021 to 28 October 2021.
  • Pay by SONALI SEBA: 01 November 2021 to 03 November 2021.
  • Document Submission Date: 07 November 2021

This is so important for the students of Degree 1st year. If you already know this form fill up information then it is too good. Share is information with your friends.

Notice of Degree 1st Year Form Fill up 2021

Today National University exam authority published a new notice about the Degree of first-year exam form fill up (Exam session 2020). You will get all of the information about your degree 1st -year exam form fill up. If you’re a student of degree 1st year then this notice is so important for you.

We provide degree form fill-up notice by jpeg formate. If you want to download then you can do also. We recommend please share this degree exam form fill up notice 2021 share your classmates.

If you have a problem understanding then watch this video about degree first-year exam form fill up 2021.

Fees of Degree 1st Year Form Fill Up 2021

The original notice of Degree form fill up 2021 have some important information related form fill up. There are one of the important things is degree form fill-up fee. How many free required to fill up degree form fill up 2021. Here we will provide this information below:

1st Year (700 Marks Exam) Fees Regular/Private800 .tk (700 Tk. Fee + 100 Tk. Incourse Fee)
Certificate Course fee300 .tk (200Tk. Fee + 100 Tk. Incourse Fee)
Center Fees450 .tk
Improvement Fee300 .tk
Degree form fill-up fee 2021

Another thing is some 200 .tk fees will have to be paid for College wise Incourse and test . National university fixed these form fill up and others fees but some time many colleges will get some extra money for their task.

Degree 1st Year Form Fill Up Online

If you want to fill up degree 1st year exam form to online then you have to follow some steep. On the original notice, they provide some links and information for degree form fill up. Let’s see how to complete the degree 1st-year exam form fillup 2021 online.

  • First Go to
  • Provide your registration Number to go to the next step.
  • Submit your phone to complete the form fill up process.
  • Then Print the documents.

if you face a problem completing this process then you may seek help from our Facebook Groups. We have 140k plus active members to solve your problem.

Degree Form Fill up Requirements ( 1st Year)

Degree Regular Students (700 Marks)

  1. Students of Academic Year of 2019-20 regular.
  2. Session 2020 for private course students.
  3. To participate in the degree 1st-year exam is mandatory for every degree student.

Degree Irregular Students (700 Marks)

  • Student of 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 exam session and also 2017,2018, & 2019 private students who already complete registration but not attend to the 2016- 2017, 2018 exams. They can attend the degree first year exams or attend exam and not promoted to the second year.
  • Students of session 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, and 2019 who already complete registration on private course. And who attend to the first year and get F grade one or more subjects and promoted to the second year. They also can attend this session.
  • Session of 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 students and 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 private course students attend to the degree first year students and get promoted ( Promoted-C). They obligatory to attend this exams.

Improvement Students (700 Marks)

Students of 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 with 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 private register students who attend the degree first year exam and get all course C and D grades.

Degree Certificate Course Exam (200 Numbers)

  • 2020 session certificate course register students first year 1st paper and 2nd paper exams can be attend.
  • Who did not attend 2018 and 2019 certificate course exam or attend and get Not-Promoted. They can attend to this exam.
  • This students will attend the exam according to the 2013-14 syllabus.

Degree Form Fill Up Required Document

For the degree first-year exam form fill up 2021 then students have to require some documents. here we point out the required document for the degree 1st-year form fill up in bellow.

  • Passport Size Pictures: 2 or 3 copies
  • Printed Online Documents
  • Degree First Year Result sheet.
  • Registration Photocopy 1 Piece
  • Mony Slip

Please bring these documents when you want to fill up degree first year exam forms. Thre are all of the documents needed when you want to complete this form fill up process.

Degree Grading System

This is the latest National University Degree Grading System ( Grade points and letter grade with numerical grade)

Numerical GradeLetter Grade (LG)Grade Point (GP)
80% or AboveA+ (plus)4.00
75% to less than 80%A (Plain)3.75
70% to less than 75%A-(minus)3.50
65% to less than 70%B+3.25
60% to less than 65%B3.00
55% to less than 60%B-2.75
50% to less than 55%C+2.50
45% to less than 50%C2.25
40% to less than 45%D2.00
<40% (less than 40%)F (Fail)0.00
NU Degree Gradin System

NU Degree Pass Marks

You have to acquire 40 marks within total 80 marks for written exam and 20 marks for incourse exam for pass. National Univeristy Degree course pass marks system is given below.

Marks of the course100 (4 Credit)50 (2 Credit)
Pass marks4020
Countable CreditDD
Nu Degree Pass Marks

Already National University published Honours and Masters exam new routine and today published degree 2nd-year exam routine.

Check: Degree Second Year Exam Routine 2021

So you have to get prepared for the degree first-year exam. Because National University today published Degree first year form fill up notice also.

When start Degree first year exam form fill up 2021?

Degree first-year examination form fill will start on 30 September 2021 and ends on 23 October 2021.

How can i get degree 1st year suggestion?

We have degree un-official degree suggestion that you may check here: Degree Suggestion

NU Degree Notice 2021

Conclusion: Degree second-year exam routine 2021 has already been published. Within some days Degree 1st-year routine also will be published. So, now you have to complete the form fill-up task and then prepare for your examination.

Contact your college authority/teachers to get more information about your form fill-up notice.

All the best.

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