NU Masters Admission 2022

NU Masters Admission 2022 online application will start on 05th September 2022 at 4 pm, according to the new notice. And this National University Masters Admission activity will end on 20th September 2022 at 12 pm. All interested candidates have to apply for NU Masters Admission 2022 by depositing the initial application fee of taka 300 within the stipulated date.

National University publishes a notice regarding the Master’s admission application 2022. The published notice contains the details from when the Master’s application can be applied for admission and when it will end and how to apply. We will discuss all the issues related to Masters Admission 2022 in detail in this post. So let’s start the discussion without delay.

NU Masters Admission 2022

According to the newly published Masters Admission 2022 notification, admission to the regular program for the academic year 2020-21 will start on September 5, 2022, from 4 pm. And this admission process will continue till midnight on 20th September 2022. Students have to apply online by submitting the prescribed fee within the prescribed time.

  • Masters Admission Start: 05th September 2022 at 4 pm.
  • Application Deadline: 20th September 2022 at 12 am.
  • Admission Application Fee: 300 Taka.
  • Class Start: 16th October 2022
  • Admission Place: Online (NU admission Portal)

The National University accepts applications for admission to Masters every academic year and publishes notices accordingly. Like every time, the National University has released a notification for admission to regular programs in the academic year 2020-21.

All the information related to admission has been highlighted in the published notification. When we read the notification completely we will see what is said in the notice about Masters Admission 2022.

National University Masters Admission 2020-21

National University has published the notification for NU Masters Admission 2022 now on the official website of National University. Now we will present the short notification to the students so that the students can understand what is said in the notification.

Masters Admission 2020-21

The notification we have shared above shows the notification regarding admission to Masters’s regular program for the academic year 2020-21. The said notification states that the online admission process for Masters’s regular program will start on 5th September 2022 and it will end on 20th September 2022.

Besides, all the interested candidates who want to get admission in the master’s in the mentioned academic year should submit the initial application by depositing a fee of 300 takes within the specified date. The notification also said that the regular program classes for students will start on October 16, 2022.

Notice of Masters Admission 2022

Now we are going to share among you the main notice of admission in Masters’ regular program 2022 that was published. Because in this notification it is said in detail who can apply, how to apply, how much money to deposit etc. We will discuss these issues in more detail below before let’s read the notification from start to finish.

Masters Admission 2022
NU Admission Notice
NU Circular

In the notification mentioned above, the details about the National University Master’s regular program admission 2022 have been mentioned. The notification has discussed in detail who will be able to get admission in the Master’s regular program this academic year.

How much money to submit the application fee for admission? And what procedures should be followed by the students to get admission to Masters? We will talk about these issues in more detail now. That is, I will discuss how a student will complete Masters’s admission in 2022 from the beginning to the end.

Date of Masters Admission 2022

According to the newly published notice, Masters Admission online activities will start from 05 September 2022 at 4 pm to September 20th, 2022, at 12 pm. Let’s know more below.

Online Apply and form fill up05th September 2022 to 20th September 2022
Pay the application fee (250)06th September 2022 to 22nd September 2022
A form verify by the college06th September 2022 to 25th September 2022
Download payslip and submit fee26th September 2022 to 29th September 2022

Be sure to note the important dates related to the above Master’s admission as these are the full dates. And the date will be very useful for you later in the admission time.

Masters Admission Online Application Link

If you want to be admitted to Masters 2020-21 academic year, then you must first apply online by entering the prescribed date and by entering the link. Below we provide you the online link you need for Masters Admission 2022. Just by clicking on the Apply Online button, you can apply for NU Masters Admission 2022.

What else you need to do after entering the link is discussed in detail below. There will also be further discussions on what qualifications you can have if you are admitted to the Masters Admission 2022 and more.

How do I apply NU Admission to Masters?

A student must first apply online for admission in National University Masters 2020-21 academic year. Now we will discuss how a student can apply for admission in Masters 2020-21 academic year from start to finish. We will show step-by-step how you can apply for National University Masters admission from start to finish. So let us begin without delay.

How do I apply NU Admission to Masters

Masters Application Process 2022

Step 1: The applicant should enter the admission website ( and click on the Masters tab and click on Apply. Then the information displayed on the website should provide all the information of the applicant. Such as exam roll number registration number next year personal mobile number etc.

Personal information must be filled in correctly, if there is any mistake, then you will have to face problems later. For example, if you put a female in the gender mailer, then later your female will come for college admission. Besides, if any male applies for admission to a women’s college, then the admission will be considered canceled.

Step 2: In the next step you need to upload your passport-size photo which should be 120 x 150 pixels. If any photo other than the applicant’s photo is uploaded in the initial application form. The applicant’s admission and registration will be considered canceled.

Step 3: After filling in all the information and uploading the picture, the completed form should be submitted by clicking on the submit application option. Later, if a candidate wants to verify the information displayed in the form, then he can edit it by logging in with the roll number from the application login.

Then print the application form. Applicants have to print the initial application and submit the attested copy of the applicant’s Masters first phase examination mark sheet registration card.

Step 4: After everything is completed, the applicant has to deposit 300 rupees as an application fee through mobile banking as determined by the respective college. If the money is deposited, it will be notified through SMS on the mobile phone.

Thus, a student must apply for admission to the step-by-step Master’s regular education program and complete the program.

Requirement  for Masters Admission 2022

Before applying for NU Masters course admission 2020-21 you should read these admission minimum requirements sections. In the below table, you will see the educational requirements for apply Masters admission this year ( session 2021-22).

Educational Qualifications:

  • A candidate who passed a 3-year BA (Pass) from National University. And taking admission subjects (with 400 numbers) must have a minimum of 40% marks.
  • Who passed a 4-year BA (Hons) degree will be able to apply for Masters Admission 2022.
Requirement for Masters Admission
  • First of all, a minimum of 45 percent marks must be obtained in the four-year graduation examination in the year 2016 and thereafter under the National University. or must achieve a GPA of 2.25. However, any student who has passed the four-year graduation honors examination will not be able to apply for this admission program.
  • Secondly, in the year 2016 and earlier under the National University, the Masters must obtain a minimum of 45000 marks or a 2.25 GPA in the regular first phase examination. However, no student who has passed the one-year Preliminary to Masters Private First Phase Masters Private Examination will be able to apply for this program.
  • Thirdly, subject to the fulfillment of the conditions, students who have passed the first phase examination of Bachelor’s Honors and Preliminary Masters can only apply for the admission program in their respective subjects.
  • Fourthly, any candidate who has passed the master’s examination from the national university or is currently studying in any other program cannot apply for the master’s regular admission program this time.
  • And if any information is found to be wrong or incomplete when applying in the last initial application form, the admission application will be considered cancelled.

To get admission to Master’s in 2022 mentioned above these a student who has to comply and then participate in the admission application.

National University Masters Admission Fee 2022

For admission to National University Masters admission for sessions 2020-21 have to pay some amount of fees. Here we will provide the figure of money that you have to pay for NU Masters admission 2022 sessions. So let’s see the fees for NU Masters admission 2022.

  1. Application fee: 300 takas for a single admission application.
  2. Registration fee (per student): 800 taka.
  3. Sport and culture fee: 20 taka.
  4. BNCC fee (Per Students): 5 Taka.
  5. Rover Scout fees: 10 Taka.
  6. Admission Cancel fee: 700 Taka
  7. Reinstated fee: 700 Taka

Masters admission total fee 835 Taka for a session 2021-21 students. If you want to admit the National University Masters course, you have to pay 835 Taka by mobile banking.

  • Admission cancellation fee: 700 taka
  • Admission Reinstated fee (Per student): 700 Taka.

If you want to cancel your Masters admission you have to pay 700 Taka to the NU authority for final cancellation. And if you want to Reinstate your Masters admission. Then also have to pay fees of 700 Taka per student. that is all about the National University’s Masters course admission 2020-21.

How to pay Masters Admission Fees?

The admission fee of the concerned college students should be submitted to any Sonali Bank branch at the rate of Tk. 835 from the prescribed portion of the National Universities notice. 

You have to download the Pay Slip by clicking on the Admission Payment Information (Masters Reg) option through the login service. 

Through the National Pay Slip through the 2020-21 academic year, the registration account number 0218100003245 of the graduate (Masters Reg) “Registration Fee” sector will be mentioned and a copy will be sent to the nearest Sonali Sending Bank branch and collect the receipt.

NU Masters Admission Apply online

Now here we will discuss more this topic ( How to apply for Masters’s Admission online 2022?). So let’s see how to apply for Masters’s admission in 2022.

Masters Admission Apply online
  • Firstly you have to visit this webpage.
  • Then click Masters Tab on the middle section
  • After that press Apply Now (Masters Reg) Button
  • Then you will see the form that you have to fill up with your information
  • On the form you have to put your Academic information correctly
  • After inputting your information you will get the main form for Masters admission
  • You have to input your all necessary information and Press Submit Button
  • After finishing the form fill up you will get an applicant copy that you have to download and print for further needs.

Masters Admission Cancel Process 2022

To cancel the Masters admission application form or change a defective photograph have to follow some process. Here we will discuss more this topic. So let’s start. If you want to cancel/make changes to the Masters admission online application form follow the instruction.

Firstly, need to go to Applicant’s Login (Masters Reg) option and give the application number rail number and pin entry. after that, click the Form Cancel / Photo Change Option then Click the Generate the Security key option. 

At this time, you will get a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS on your phone number. Which you entered at the time of application. 

With this OTP you will cancel your application form or you may change your photo. And you can also cancel your entire Masters admission application form and will re-apply.

Subject List For Masters Admission 2022

Below is a list of all subjects that students can enroll in Master’s regular program in the 2020-21 academic year. The students of all the subjects mentioned in the mentioned list can get admission to National University Master’s program.

Master of Arts (MA)Master of Science (MSc) Preliminary
1)  Bangla
2)  English
3)  Arabic
4)  Sanskrit
5)  Pali
6)  History
7)  Islamic History &Culture
8)  Islamic Studies
9)  Philosophy
10) Library and Information Science
15)  Physics
16)  Chemistry
17)  Bio-Chemistry
18)  Botany
19)  Zoology
20)  Soil Science
21)  Statistics
22)  Mathematics
23)  Geography and Environment
24)  Psychology
25)  Home Economics
Master of Social Sciences (MSS)  Master of Business Studies (MBS)
11) Political Science
12) Sociology
13) Social Work
14) Economics
26)  Marketing
27)  Finance & Banking
28)  Accounting
29)  Management
Master of Music (M.Mus)
30) Folk Music
31) Classical Music
32) Nazrul Sangeet
33) Rabindra Sangeet

Guideline For Masters Admission 2022

National University provides a full guideline of NU Masters Admission 2022 session. If you read this Mastrers admission guideline then you will get lots of information about this admission process. You will get the Mastrers admission guide in the Bangla language below.

National University Masters Admission
Guideline For NU Masters Admission 2022
Guideline Masters Admission
National University admission guideline
nu notice

Masters Admission Result 2022

2021-22 academic year Masters regular admission program and merit list has been published. Masters admission results are published on 29 September 22 at 4 pm. National University has published a circular in this regard. Let’s take a look at the notification ourselves.

masters admission result 2022

Masters Admission Quota Merit List 2022

The National University has published a notification regarding the publication of quota merit list in Masters regular admission program. The notice said that the quota merit list will be published on October 18, 2012 at four o’clock in the afternoon. Besides, detailed information regarding this is included in the published notice.

Masters Admission Quota Merit List

Masters Admission Result by SMS

To check National University Master’s admission result first, go to the message option on your mobile. And then type nu<spavce> roll number <space ) atmf and send it to 16222.

Example: nu atmf 5684496 and then send 16222

Masters Admission Result by Online

There are some rules to follow to check your masters admission result online. Below is how you can check Masters admission results 2020-21 academic year online.

To get your Masters admission result you have to log in NU admission portal ( by your admission roll and pin number. After login, you will get your Masters admission result on the admission portal dashboard.

Besides, I will also share how to see the admission result, how to get the result through SMS, and detailed rules. To get the latest notification about Masters admission visit here: NU Masters Admission Result 2022

Masters Admission procedure

A) Certainly, Candidates applying for Masters (Regular) Admission Program in 2020-2021 academic year with Bachelor (Honors) and Bachelor (Pass) degree Preliminary to Masters (Regular) / 1st Part Masters (Regular) Examination Numbers / CGPA Percentage. A separate thematic merit list will be prepared for each college. If two or more applicants have the same merit list.

B) Above all, Candidates from which college have passed the Graduation (Honors) / Preliminary to Masters (Regular) / 1st Part Masters (Regular) examinations.

C) Results of the admission process in the first merit list in phases, second merit list subject to zero seats. The merit of quota and release slip will be done through the list.

D) Each college will be able to see the results of the thematic merit list using User ID, Password and OTP. Applicants
From the Applicant Login option of the Admissions website.

E) Apply Now (Masters) by visiting the Master’s Tab of the Admissions Website ( Option and clicking on the information displayed on the website.

F) The applicant has to enter the correct Gender (Male / Female) entry at the designated place in the information table.

Masters Admission 2022 (FAQ)

Some of the important questions asked by the students are related to the Masters admission 2022 and the answers are given below.

When Start Masters Regular Admission 2022?

According to the newly published notice, NU Masters Admission 2022 (2020-21 Academic Year) online activities will start from 05th September 2022 at 4 pm to September 20, 2022, at 12 am.

How to Apply online for NU Masters Admission 2022?

To complete the National University Masters Admission Online activities, you need to enter this site ( Then complete the application process with your academic information and more.

What is the Admission Fee for Masters Admission 2022?

Students have to pay a total of 838 taka to apply for Masters admission 2022 session. Besides, a student has to pay a fee of 700 taka for cancellation of admission.

Who can apply for Masters Final Year?

Any Student who completes 4 year Honours degree with 45% number (VCGPA 2.25) or three years Degree pass the course with 45% number (VCGPA 2.25) can apply.

How to cancel NU Masters admission application?

Students who want to cancel Masters admission application form. For that, before submitting final application form to the college, have to go from the cancellation option and then click generate security key option. After that you will get One Time Password (OTP) by mobile SMS and email. Then you can cancel your Masters admission application.

You may read: NU Masters Book List/ Subject List

National University Admission Notice 2022

The latest published admission notices of the National University are given below. If you want, you can click on the mentioned notice and read the details from here.


National University has published the notice related to NU Masters Admission 2022 and published the date. So all the students who wish to take admission in masters should complete the admission process within the stipulated time. Because after the scheduled time, you will not be able to get NU Masters Admission 2022 academic year.

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