NU Degree Philosophy Syllabus (B.A Pass Course)

NU Degree Philosophy Syllabus for 3 years B.A pass course by Here you will get the National University NU Degree Philosophy Syllabus for three years B.A pass course, 1st-year degree Philosophy syllabus, 2nd-year, and also 3rd-year Philosophy syllabus.

The students of the Degree pass course of the National University of Bangladesh find their NU Degree Philosophy Syllabus in here.

This is the NU Degree 3 years B.A pass course Philosophy Syllabus page for National University and here you will all about Philosophy subject with the credit and marks distribution chart. That means you will get here full syllabus for degree syllabus and that syllabus is Effective from the Session: 2013-2014.

Degree Philosophy Booklist and Syllabus

Subject: Philosophy

Syllabus for 3 year B.A./B.S.S. Pass Course

Subject: Philosophy

Session: 2013-14

Marks Distribution

Paper CodePaperPaper TitleMarks


First year

111701Paper-IProblems of Philosophy1004

Second year

121701Paper-IIIMuslim Philosophy1004
121703Paper-IVIndian Philosophy1004

Third year

131701Paper-VBangladesh Philosophy1004
131703Paper-VIGeneral Logic1004
  Total =60024
NU Degree Philosophy Syllabus
NU Degree Philosophy Syllabus
NU Philosophy Syllabus
NU Philosophy
Degree Philosophy Booklist
nu syllabus
nubd24 syllabus

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Degree Syllabus

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